The use of cannabinoids in anxiety treatment

The use of cannabinoids in anxiety treatment

The Cannabis sativa plant has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years by different people and in different cultures. Today, we also know that cannabinoids have been used to relieve psychiatric symptoms. There are studies from India, from more than a thousand years B.C., of people using this plant as a tranquilizer in the treatment of anxiety, mania and hysteria. In addition to that, there are studies in which Assyrians inhaled cannabis to improve symptoms of depression.

Currently, research is being presented around the world showing the great potential of cannabis substances for medical use. Scientific evidence points out that patients with several diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, depression, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety disorder and even post-traumatic stress disorder could benefit from cannabinoids.

Research tests involving cannabidiol (CBD) extract in the treatment of neurological diseases attest that weight gain or a change in eating behaviors of those who use the substance, for example, is not compromised, which eliminates concerns of the scientific community that studies the subject. These studies also show that there is no damage to short-term memory and/or the level of learning.

According to researchers, it is necessary to think that an anxiolytic drug takes an average of one month to take effect and this leads to poor adherence to treatment. It can now be said that the cannabinoid system is a promising target for new therapeutic interventions in psychiatry. Thus, cannabinoids can have wide use in this area.

Researchers have also concluded that CBD is the cannabinoid most likely to be used as a therapeutic option in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and symptoms. Due to the absence of psychoactive and cognitive effects, safety, good tolerability, clinical trials with positive results and the broad spectrum of pharmacological actions, CBD has therefore become an excellent ally of medicine.

In any case, we recommend that you do not replace antidepressants or any other type of medication with CBD. If you have any medical prescriptions, continue using your medications until your doctor says otherwise. We also recommend that you see a doctor who is experienced in the use of CBD oil in order for him or her to recommend the right dosage for you.