Cannabis has a long history all the way from Imperial China. Its use was common among various cultures, but it was heavily criminalized during the 20th century. The famous “war on drugs” was established in the 70s, promoting prejudice and misinformation regarding the herb.

However, with many scientific studies carried out proving its medicinal benefits, little by little, countries around the world started legalizing its use. The first country to legalize medicinal cannabis was the USA in 1996, in the state of California.

Currently, about 39 American states and more than 40 countries have legalized its use. In Brazil, on the other hand, the situation is not very promising, meaning to get access to these medications, it’s necessary to face a lot of bureaucracy and pay a high price for them.

In face of this reality, Brazilians wind up seeking alternative methods that may be detrimental to their health. Therefore, American companies such as Golden CBD+ Nanotech find this market in deficit in Brazil to be an opportunity for investing in and supplying their meds to patients in the country.

With better awareness regarding cannabinoids, the tendency is for the demand for these medications to rise more and more being a market with great potential for further growth.