What is it and why to choose Nano CBD?

What is it and why to choose Nano CBD?

Our Nano CBD is made through nanotechnology. This type of technology has been around for decades, but the applications of this science have only recently developed in applications seen in today’s science, engineering, technical, and medical fields. To put it simply, nanotechnology is the application of technology at the nanoscale ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers.

There are some differences between standard oil and nano-sized CBD particles. Some studies suggest that only 18% of cannabidiol can be absorbed per dose. With nano sizing your CBD, many studies are showing up to or around 90% absorption.

Let’s break it down:

Nano Water Soluble CBD has: 75-90% absorption; 0.10/mg of CBD that is absorbed; effective sublingually (absorbed under tongue); effective after swallowed; the reason why nano sizing CBD particles is so essential is that CBD particles are very difficult to absorb by the body. Standard Oil CBD, on the other hand, has 10-20% absorption; 0.50/mg of CBD that is absorbed; effective sublingually (absorbed under tongue) and not effective after ingestion.

To provide a more familiar scale, one inch consists of 25.4 million nanometers. The thickness of a sheet of newspaper is 100,000 nanometers. If a single nanometer were the size of a marble, then one meter in comparison would be the size of the Earth.

Golden CBD products

Using the power of Nanotechnology we are able to make our Water Soluble CBD 10 to 15 times more bioavailable than conventional CBD hemp oil. This makes our products faster and more efficiently absorbed by the body.

 Golden CBD Nanotech oil products contain a wide range of synergistic cannabinoids to promote the most complete absorption within the body. All of them are THC-free and non-GMO, manufactured in a GMP compliant facility guidelines and are third-party tested for potency.